Frequently Asked Questions:

Why choose Mid-South Security & Fire LLC.?

We care about our customers treating you the way we want to be treated, each member of our experienced, professional staff is dedicated to the highest measure of quality. We take great pride in our work and constantly strive to ensure that our products, workmanship and services exceed the expectations of our customers. Mid-South Security & Fire LLC installs a distinct line of products and services designed to provide our customers with a full range of intrusion, fire, access control, video surveillance solutions and residential & commercial networking. 

Will your Monitoring Center receive an alarm signal if the alarm is not armed?


No, we will not receive an alarm signal. It is important to turn your alarm on, even when you are at home. It is best to have your perimeter protection on whenever possible. Perimeter protection is an option that allows you to move about freely inside your home while all doors and windows are armed.

When should my alarm be tested?


Regularly! Weekly by the alarm user, when you change your phone services, when you have experienced phone trouble, when you notice system malfunctions and after heavy lightning storms. Be sure to contact our central station at 1-800-633-2677 and let them know you are testing your system.

My alarm system was not installed by Mid-South Security & Fire LLC. Can you still monitor it?


Yes, in the majority of cases we will be able to program your existing panel to our monitoring station. Repairs and upgrades are also available if needed. Our monitoring rates start as low as $15.00 per month for residential monitoring. Always be sure and check with your existing monitoring company to see if you have a monitoring agreement with them. If so, just let us know when it expires and we’ll and we will either give you credit on your monitoring with us or notify you 30 days prior to the maturity date so you can cancel it on time.

Do I get a Honeowners insurance discount for having an alarm system in my house?


Yes, in most cases insurance discounts up to 20%. Contact your insurance company to be sure about your discount.

My telephone lines are exposed, what happens when the phones are dead or the line gets cut?


If your phone lines become disabled due to tampering, severe weather, or construction, your alarm signal will not reach our 24-Hour Monitoring Center. Because our 24-Hour Monitoring Center is a critical part of your security system, Mid-South Security & Fire LLC offers alternative primary and secondary communication options like cellular communication.

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