Commerical Security & Fire 

Commerical Security:

Today’s business owners are faced with a complex array of responsibilities and liabilities ranging from theft and employee safety to access control and fire/life safety and beyond. Even though security has been around for decades, current technology now provides another layer of security that offers a business management aspect that can be vital to running a business in today’s ever-changing world. Much of what technology has to offer can minimize risk, loss and liability that makes business sense. We offer the latest in what our industry has to offer and are constantly adapting to new products and services, bringing them to our clients for that added edge to operating a business. Whether it is ‘point of sale/cash register’ camera integration, a badging system for access control or cameras that can help measure employee productivity, or network access points throughout your business or warehouse we can customize a solution that is perfect for you giving you complete control in the palm of your hand.

Commercial Fire:

Without properly installed, regularly tested and routinely serviced fire protection systems, you are putting yourself, your employees, and your business at risk. At Mid-South Security & Fire LLC, our priority is to ensure that you are prepared in the event of a fire so that your business can continue to move forward. Our responsiveness, attention to detail and reliability allows us to truly become our customers' number one fire protection resource. Fire alarm systems are silent sentinels, keeping watch over occupants and property both day and night they automatically make the premises safer during a fire. Without properly maintained fire and smoke alarms you could be putting your business and occupants at risk. Proper testing, inspection and maintenance of alarm systems can help save lives and property. Mid-South Security & Fire LLC is dedicated to making sure you are well protected and meet all requirements of NFPA 72 and your local AHJ specifications.

Monitoring Services:

Our UL Listed Monitoring facilities have the latest in modern technology to make sure that we’re ready for the emergency signals your systems will send. Not only do we have the latest in computer automation equipment, but these systems have hot redundancy, meaning they are backed up by a fully operational computer system in the event our main system should malfunction. We’re always ready for disasters, not only ours but yours. In the event we should experience power failure, our dual Central Stations offer redundancy of each other as well as generation power for no down-time. If we should have to evacuate one of our central stations, due to natural or man-made disaster, all data and signals will be transferred immediately to the relief station in another region.

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